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What should be the packaging of high pressure hoseOne,


What should be the packaging of high pressure hose
One, the logo.

There should be permanent and obvious marks on the high-pressure hose, and the following content should be selected according to different types of high-pressure hose:

  1. The manufacturer’s name or trademark and product name marked in Chinese.
  2. Standard code, high pressure hose specification, high pressure hose model and high pressure hose model.
  3. Production date.
  4. For hoses conveying special media (oil, acid and alkali, high-pressure steam, etc.), the marks should not fall off due to the removal of these media.

Second, packaging.

  1. General requirements.

Packaging materials and packaging methods are specified in specific high-pressure hose product standards. Both ends of the high-pressure hose and the high-pressure hose assembly must be sealed, especially in the handling and transportation of the high-pressure hose, it is easy for impurities to enter the high-pressure hose. The flanged pipe joints should be protected by a disc larger than the flange diameter. The external threaded pipe joints They should be protected by thread protectors or other suitable means.

  1. Flat packing.

High-pressure rubber hoses and high-pressure hose assemblies with an inner diameter of 76MM or more or shorter lengths can be packed in a flat manner. There should be gripping strips on the package, and the number and position should be determined to ensure that the high-pressure hose assembly can be kept straight during handling.

  1. Coil packaging.

High-pressure hoses and high-pressure hose assemblies with inner diameters below 76MM or longer lengths can be packaged in coils. The inner diameter of the coil shall not be less than 15 times the inner diameter of the hose or 2 times the minimum bend radius of the hose. More than one high-pressure rubber hose assembly is bundled in one package, and the pipe joints should be properly protected at intervals between coils.

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