The product use of the cloth hose

The cloth hose is composed of inner rubber layer, multi


The cloth hose is composed of inner rubber layer, multi-layer cloth winding layer and outer rubber layer.

The cloth rubber hose is composed of inner rubber layer, multi-layer cloth winding layer, spiral steel wire reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer.

The cloth hose has the characteristics of small outer diameter tolerance, excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, light weight, soft and durable body, etc. The minimum burst pressure of the hose is four times the working pressure.

  1. Water delivery hose: suitable for general water delivery, used in the environment of -20°C-45°C.
  2. Air hose: suitable for conveying compressed air and inert gas, and used in the environment of -20°C-45°C.
  3. Oil-resistant rubber hose: suitable for transporting conventional oil and used in the environment of -20°C-45°C.
  4. Heat-resistant rubber hose: suitable for transporting water below 100°C.
  5. Steam hose: suitable for transporting hot water or saturated steam below 170°C.
  6. Dilute acid and alkali resistant hose: transport dilute acid and alkali solutions with a concentration below 40%, and use them in the environment of -20°C-45°C.
  7. Sandblasting hose: suitable for wind pressure sandblasting, rust removal and polishing on metal surfaces.
  8. Suction and drainage, oil hose: working pressure 1.0-1.5MPa (4 times safety factor).
  9. Food hose for feeding and sucking: It is used for draining and sucking beer, beverage, edible oil and other liquids at room temperature, and the taste and color will not change, which meets the hygienic requirements of food rubber.


(1) The rubber hose is made of special rubber with good oil resistance and weather resistance. The skeleton material is made of high-strength copper-plated steel wire. The rubber hose is produced with special structural design and special equipment. It has the characteristics of high pressure bearing and small deformation of the pressure volume. Safe and reliable.

(2) The appearance of the rubber hose is black cloth pattern. The identification tape of normal temperature type steel wire braided oil hose is yellow, and the identification tape of low temperature type steel wire braided oil hose is green.

The product use of the cloth hose:

Various types of cloth conveying (or suction) rubber hoses are made of corresponding materials according to different conveying media. The product structure design is reasonable, the quality is high, and it is durable. Flexible rubber hose for material media such as powdery solids.

Product application industry:

It is suitable for water transportation, oil transportation, compressed air steam and inert gas transportation in agriculture, mines, construction, factories, machinery supporting, etc.

When connecting with a large-diameter rubber hose, be sure to fully insert the threaded part of the pressure reducer and the stove connector into the large-diameter rubber hose, and tie it with a thin wire or clamp it with a pipe clamp to prevent it from falling off. Note that the thin iron wires should be bundled in moderation, so as not to damage the large-diameter rubber hose.

The large-diameter rubber hose should be inspected frequently, especially at the two joints and the bending of the sheet metal. If softening, hardening, brittleness, cracks and steam leakage are found, this section should be cut off. For a long time, it can be connected and used again, otherwise it should be replaced.

When the above-mentioned problems occur in the middle of the large-caliber rubber hose, the new hose should be replaced in time.

The large-diameter rubber hose has high bearing capacity, and the deformation of the tube body is small. It has good tensile and flexural fatigue resistance, and the glue of the hose has good oxidation resistance and temperature resistance. The blasting pressure of the hose is generally not less than four times the pressure. There are two kinds of rubber hoses: universal type (without connector) and with connector. The rubber hose with connector has the effect of conducting static electricity.

According to the application, the large-diameter rubber hose can be used for ironmaking machinery and equipment to transport CO2, refrigeration and cooling circulating water and other special types.

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