Product introduction of high pressure hose

First of all, let’s talk about the equipment for high-p


First of all, let’s talk about the equipment for high-pressure rubber hose production. The assembly production equipment mainly includes: rubber stripping machine, pressure test pump crimping machine, dust-free automatic cutting machine, and other production equipment. pressure to achieve 100% qualified products leaving the factory.

The so-called high pressure sets this requirement. For the use characteristics of the hose, the maximum working pressure of the hose is determined according to the pressure of the system. Each hose has a normal working pressure, and the burst pressure of the hose is 3-4 times of the maximum working pressure. The greater the pressure, the more layers of steel wire and the more rigorous the production of the product. Therefore, according to the actual pressure of the system, select the maximum working pressure of the hose to ensure the normal operation of the system and choose the appropriate pressure hose.

If the impact pressure of the system is frequent, the rubber hose with a higher pulse life should be selected, and the maximum working pressure of the selected rubber hose should be appropriately increased.

Temperature is also one of the factors considered by customers. Too high or too low ambient temperature for high-pressure hose will affect the life and pressure bearing capacity of the hose, so use the hose within its allowable range. If the working temperature is not within its allowable range for a long time System, should use hose sheath or purchase special hose. If it is a special medium, it is necessary to ensure that the inner, outer layer, joint, and sealing ring of the hose are compatible with the medium and that the end is properly connected: nuts are widely used because of their convenient connection and low cost, but in the case of large vibrations, To fully consider the problem of nut looseness, flange connection can be considered at this time.

Fluid compatibility: The fluid in the hose should meet the requirements specified in the “Use” in the product catalog, and the service life and safety of the hose cannot be guaranteed if it is used beyond the specification.

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