Safety of high pressure hose

High-pressure hose has quality assurance. If there is d


High-pressure hose has quality assurance. If there is damage, it is not suitable to use it, or the equipment in the high-pressure hose processing process is not good: do not let the high-pressure hose deform during production and processing, otherwise the high-pressure hose will be damaged or the connector will be loose. When the bending radius of the high-pressure hose is too high, it is generally necessary to choose a beveled joint to avoid large-scale bending deformation of the high-pressure hose.

In the normal operation process, the valve seat cannot be pulled hard. Otherwise, it will cause the high-pressure hose to burst. In order to avoid damage to the high-pressure hose and restriction of water flow, the bending radius of the high-pressure hose should be as large as possible. When the hydraulic system heats up too high during operation, the hydraulic oil pipe should be checked immediately, and the necessary cooling method should be adopted during continuous operation.

The method of checking the safety factor of the high-pressure hose: carry out the AC pressure test on the high-pressure hose, check whether the rubber hose is up to the standard, check whether there is a leaking area on the tube body, and check whether the parts are damaged, so as to judge the safety of the rubber hose Coefficient is not excellent.

Air tightness test: The high pressure rubber hose should be tested for air tightness. Dry gas or N2 or other gases should be used as the detection substance to detect whether there is gas leakage in the hose. Whether the material of the rubber hose is uniform: check whether the quality of the high-pressure hose is uniform, and whether there are irregularities such as colloidal solution adhesion. If there is any irregularity, it will be regarded as unqualified.

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