How to distinguish the quality of PTFE hose

Many customers always say that after purchasing Teflon


Many customers always say that after purchasing Teflon tubes, they are damaged within a short period of time, or the products are scrapped due to other reasons. Because the price of Teflon tubes is very high, when many users choose Teflon tubes, they always choose and choose carefully. Today I will teach you how to distinguish their quality when choosing Teflon tubes.

There are the following points to distinguish the quality of Teflon products:

One: The difference of raw materials:

  1. The source of the base cloth. Nowadays, base cloth is generally woven from Shanghai Honghe or Zhuhai cloth. The best quality is Shanghai Honghebu. When you buy, you can first consult the source of its raw materials.
  2. The difference between emulsions. Today’s manufacturers of Teflon emulsion, the quality of the emulsion produced by each company, and the quality of the products produced are also different.

Two: The difference in production:

Nowadays, many manufacturers are constantly reducing product quality in order to reduce costs. There are several ways to reduce product quality:

  1. Increase the proportion of water in the emulsion during the production process.
  2. In the process of gluing, the latex should be applied less once.

Three: How to distinguish the quality of good and bad:

  1. Half-fold method: Fold different products in half back and forth, facing the same number of times, to see which product has cracks, or the coating has fallen off, or there are whitening marks.
  2. Touch method: The surface of the products produced by general imported raw materials is very smooth and has excellent luster. The surface of domestic materials is rough, and the surface has no luster.
  3. Observation method: If the quality of domestic materials is too poor, there will be obvious whitening cracks on the surface, and there will be traces of glass fiber filaments leaking out.

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