Types of rubber joint products

How to detect the quality of rubber soft joints How to


How to detect the quality of rubber soft joints

How to judge the quality of rubber flexible joints and rubber soft connections? Nowadays, there are more and more rubber joints sold in the market, and it is inevitable that some people will sell them as inferior ones. At this time, if you don’t know how to judge the quality of rubber joints, you just buy them back and find out that they are broken. , When you return it, if the seller wants to return it, it will just waste your time running back and forth. If the seller is unwilling to return it, then you will suffer a dumb loss. Here is how to judge the quality of rubber joints.

  1. Look at the color of the rubber joint, especially bright is not a good rubber ball. A good rubber sphere is black with natural light, which is a natural rubber color.
  2. Touch by hand, smooth and flexible is a good rubber ball. If the surface of the rubber sphere is not smooth and there are damaged places, it is not a good rubber sphere, especially if you look at the inside of the rubber sphere, it must be smooth. We know that the medium must flow through the inside, and a smooth sphere can ensure the smooth passage of the medium without retention , without causing erosion to the sphere. The toughness is mainly due to the good glue used, which is easy to move and resistant to aging.

Replacement period of rubber joints

The rubber joint is a high-elasticity, high-tightness, high-temperature-resistant and medium-resistant pipe connection. The rubber joint also has a service life during use. The rubber joint should be replaced in time. This will not only bring good results, but also It will reduce unnecessary troubles. There are many customers who often replace the broken ones instead of replacing the product regularly, which is not only troublesome but also causes great losses to users.

Generally, the replacement period of rubber joints should be 2-3 years, if it is used in chemical pipelines or over acid and alkali. Corrosive media should be replaced in a shorter period, so as to avoid more losses.

There are many types of rubber joint products, which can be made according to the different raw materials of the medium, not special medium. Generally, they are synthetic rubber. Rubber products are made of natural rubber and other synthetic rubber according to the formula. It will oxidize and corrode after a long time. Rubber joint products contain volatile substances, whether they are wet or dry, they will shorten their life.

Therefore, general rubber products should be packed in plastic bags after use, and should not be left in the air for a long time. This is also an effective way to prolong the service life of rubber joints.

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