What are the emergency treatment methods after the PTFE hose ruptures?

Nowadays, PTFE hoses are widely used in wiring places i


Nowadays, PTFE hoses are widely used in wiring places in steel, petroleum, chemical and other industries, and often face harsh environments with a lot of dust, flammable and explosive gases. Once the hose breaks in such an operating environment, the How to carry out “rescue”?

  1. Restructuring law

Saw off the broken PTFE hose; find a replacement hose with a pressure capacity and length similar to the broken hose, and saw off its pipe joint; weld the angle of the PTFE hose joint of the broken hose to the replacement hose ; After cleaning the welded hose, it can be used.

  1. Bone-synthesis

Wipe the broken part of the PTFE hose clean and cut off the broken part; insert the self-made steel “bone” into the cut hose. “bones”); fasten the hose and the “bone” with self-made steel clips (if the situation is particularly urgent, you can use No. use.

  1. Binding method

Coat the broken part of the PTFE hose with one of the glues commonly used in construction machinery; wrap 2-3 layers of glue-coated parts with an oil-resistant rubber whose width is 2-3 times the length of the broken part (each layer should be coated with glue); Bind the wound oil-resistant rubber with No. 12 iron wire; wait for it to solidify.

The pressure range of the PTFE hose is PN0.6-32.0Mpa, and it can bear the pressure of 42.mpa. In the actual situation, when the PTFE hose is under too much pressure and ruptures, you can take the above emergency treatment plan . It should be noted that the above three methods are only timely emergency measures. If conditions permit, replace the new PTFE hose in time to prevent accidents.

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