PTFE hoses in engineering operations

What are the applications of polytetrafluoroethylene pi


What are the applications of polytetrafluoroethylene pipes in engineering

If the PTFE pipe is used in the pipeline, it is very suitable from a professional point of view, and has a good use effect, and this kind of pipe is called a steel-lined PTFE pipe. Moreover, the use of temperature, pressure and medium will affect the stability and service life of the pipeline. In addition, high-quality materials and good manufacturing processes should be selected to ensure product quality.

  1. All prefabrication work is carried out at the bridge head and pushed up to the bridge position one by one, without heavy lifting and long-distance transportation;
  2. There is no need to set up scaffolding in the bridge hole, so that it will not be affected by the water flow and traffic under the bridge; only when the span of the porous bridge exceeds 60 meters, temporary steel bent piers must be added, and these steel bents can be dismantled and recycled; There is only one large hole across the river or valley, although its span is as large as one hundred meters, it is still not necessary to set up temporary piers in the large hole;
  3. The friction coefficient of the PTFE pipe is very small, so it only needs a few hundred tons of jacking force for a bridge weighing tens of thousands of tons, so the jacking equipment is relatively simple. Although there is loss, the overall construction cost is low ;
  4. The construction period is generally not affected by seasons such as floods and drift ice, and the construction progress is easy to grasp. The length of the overall progress can also be determined by the small size of the prefabricated site at the bridge head. If the short section of 4-5 meters can be developed to tens of meters For long sections, the construction progress can be greatly accelerated.

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