Abrasion resistance of Teflon casing

Characteristics and application of Teflon casing The ad


Characteristics and application of Teflon casing

The advantages of Teflon sleeves are also very clear when they are used, such as physical and mechanical properties. Teflon sleeves have relatively high density, low water absorption, and no elasticity and toughness; this is also a relatively prominent aspect. Moreover, it also has a very small coefficient of friction and shows good lubricity, so it is naturally applied in different places under such circumstances.

The static friction coefficient of Teflon sleeve is smaller than the dynamic friction coefficient, and the friction coefficient is almost constant from ultra-low temperature to melting point. In the future, when you use it, you must first understand these. This way you won’t be fooled when choosing. Of course, its hardness is low and it is easy to be worn by other materials, which is what you should pay attention to. Therefore, if a polytetrafluoroethylene film is formed on the abrasive surface, the wear loss can be reduced to a certain extent.

Teflon sleeve is a non-polar material with excellent dielectric properties. What you see now are also its advantages. And when the crystallinity of the Teflon sleeve is between 50% and 80%, the dielectric strength has almost nothing to do with the crystallinity, so that its dielectric properties are not affected by frequency and temperature, and are not affected by humidity. and corrosive gases; and the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of Teflon casing are the lowest among all engineering plastics. Its thermal stability is very prominent among engineering plastics.

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