Professional high pressure hose

The main points of the production process and operation


The main points of the production process and operation of high-pressure hose:

For more professional high-pressure hoses, the production process of high-pressure hoses must be well understood. Below we will give you a detailed introduction:

  1. The high-pressure rubber hose is mixed with a mixer according to the secret recipe to produce the inner layer rubber, intermediate rubber and surface layer rubber; the inner layer oil delivery pipe is extruded with a plastic extruder, and the high-pressure rubber hose is covered on the soft core or hard core coated with mold cleaning agent (Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy can also be done without a core tube).
  2. The high-pressure rubber hose single-piece calender is rolled into a middle and high-level film shape, and the release agent is added to unwind and cut into the required overall width according to the process standard.
  3. The high-pressure rubber hose wraps the inner layer of the core tube on the winding packaging machine or braiding machine with copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope. Between the copper wire or copper-plated steel wire rope, the coiled stainless steel wire is bundled at the beginning and the end (some initial winding packaging machines need to pre-stress the copper-plated steel wire for prestressing and shaping).
  4. The high-pressure hose is covered with surface glue on the plastic extruder again, and then wrapped with lead or cloth vulcanized rubber for protection.
  5. High-pressure rubber hose is vulcanized by vulcanization tank or salt bath.
  6. Remove the vulcanized rubber protective layer from the high-pressure rubber hose, pull out the core tube, press and buckle the tee joint, and conduct random inspection and strike detection.

All in all, the production of high-pressure oil pipelines uses a lot of equipment, a variety of raw materials, and a complicated production process. High-pressure rubber hose However, in recent years, the production process of high-pressure oil pipes made of plastic or thermoplastic rubber should be appropriately simplified, but the price of raw materials is high, and plastic raw materials are still dominant.

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