Test pressure of high pressure hose

Several simple methods to distinguish the quality of hi


Several simple methods to distinguish the quality of high-pressure hose

The high-pressure hoses that we commonly see on the market are good or bad, but if you want to distinguish them, I will teach you a few simple methods, let’s take a look:

  1. First check the outer rubber of the high-pressure hose, whether its surface is smooth and flat, whether there are bubbles, bumps, sponges, trachoma, etc.; when impounding, use a peeling machine to remove the rubber to see if the stripped rubber is continuous Yes, continuous is good quality.
  2. Look at the brightness of the section of the rubber hose from the outside, the one with high brightness is the top grade, and the gelatinous layer should be pinched with nails, and the gelatin has good elasticity.
  3. From the cross section of the hose, whether the steel wire layer inside is uniform or not, it can be distinguished from the diameter of the steel wire. The steel wire mesh of the rubber hose is evenly distributed, and there is no missing weaving place. The thicker the diameter of the inner steel wire, the better.
  4. Check whether the thickness of the pipe wall of the inner rubber layer is uniform, and the size of the inner hole of the rubber pipe, and you can tell it by trying a standard joint.
  5. Pass the pressure test. The national standard requires that the test pressure is twice the working pressure, and the burst pressure is generally 3-4 times the working pressure.

How to clean foreign matter in the pressure measuring hose

After the pressure measuring hose is silted up, you can choose an appropriate method to clean up the silt, but in order to ensure the integrity of the engineering facilities and the safety of the building, it is essential for the daily protection of the pressure measuring hose. here we come to find out:

  1. Strengthening daily prevention can not only ensure the integrity of observation facilities, but also help the continuity of observation data.
  2. The daily protection of the pressure measuring hose should pay attention to the protection of the nozzle to prevent the impact of rainfall and ground runoff on the water level in the pipe.
  3. If the nozzle protection equipment is damaged, corroded, etc., it should be repaired and maintained in time to prevent foreign matter from entering and causing deposition.

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