Correct installation method of non-metallic compensator band

1. The inside and outside of the non-metal compensator


1. The inside and outside of the non-metal compensator band must be marked correctly. These marks must be visible during installation to ensure correct installation.

2. Determine the position of the bonding point. When starting to install the non-metallic compensator, first install the band correctly. When installing the compensator band, especially the large-size band, depending on the type of pipe of the compensator, additional pressure strips can be used. Or use a screw clamp to temporarily fix the band. When the band is installed vertically, the bonding point can be placed anywhere, but when the band is installed horizontally, the bonding point needs to be positioned above the pipe.

3. The position of the connectors of each layer of cloth in the loop belt is determined. The layers of the connectors of each layer of cloth in the loop belt are staggered. It is recommended that the distance between the joints of the two layers of cloth is 100~200mm. At the same time, according to the size and installation conditions, on-site Stitched non-metallic expansion joints usually require staggering the joints of each single layer, which must be consistent with the structure of the non-metallic expansion joint. Before cutting, please cut each layer of material in a way that keeps the single-layer joints staggered.

4. Compaction process of non-metallic compensator The compaction of non-metallic compensator is completed from the inside to the outside. According to the function and characteristics of the material, if there is an insulation layer, the insulation layer can be put in and can be put in before compaction. and tighten or clamp. The structure of a non-metallic compensator has a lot to do with the purpose for which it is designed. The structure of the layers used is also different depending on temperature, pressure, medium and other structural substances.

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