High temperature and high pressure resistant black steel wire rubber hose solution

High-pressure steel wire braided steam hose: high tempe


High-pressure steel wire braided steam hose: high temperature and high pressure resistant black steel wire rubber hose solution

In various industrial applications, especially where high-temperature steam or liquid needs to be transported, high-pressure steel wire braided steam hoses play an indispensable role. This type of product, commonly known as black steel wire rubber pipe, has shown key value in many fields with its excellent high temperature and high pressure resistance. This article will delve into the characteristics, applications and purchasing guide of high-pressure steel wire braided steam hoses, providing a comprehensive and detailed reference for users who need such products.

1. Characteristics of high-pressure steel wire braided steam hose

High-pressure steel wire braided steam hose is mainly composed of three parts: inner rubber layer, steel wire reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer is usually made of high-temperature resistant materials, which can be directly contacted with high-temperature steam or liquid without being damaged. The middle steel wire reinforcement layer, usually braided with high-strength steel wire, provides good pressure resistance. The outer rubber layer protects the pipeline from the erosion of the external environment with its good wear resistance and aging resistance.

1. High temperature resistance: The maximum temperature it can withstand is generally above 150°C. Some special materials can reach higher temperatures to meet the needs of different working conditions.

2. High pressure bearing capacity: The reinforcement of the steel wire allows the hose to remain stable under extreme pressure, and it can maintain no leakage or explosion even under high pressure.

3. Good flexibility: Even under high temperature or high pressure working conditions, it can still maintain a certain degree of flexibility, making it easy to lay and install.

4. Corrosion resistance and wear resistance: The outer rubber layer shows excellent resistance to environmental erosion and can maintain a long service life even under harsh external conditions.

2. Application fields

High-pressure steel wire braided steam hose is widely used in many fields because of its special properties:

1. Petrochemical industry: In the process of oil refining and chemical material transmission, it is necessary to use high temperature and high pressure resistant transportation pipelines.

2. Power plant: In the steam transportation system of the power plant, high-pressure steel wire hoses are used to transport high-temperature steam, which is the guarantee for reliable operation of the system.

3. Manufacturing: High-temperature liquids or steam are required in some heavy industry manufacturing processes, such as steel plants, paper mills, etc.

4. Construction industry: In construction, high-temperature materials need to be transported under special circumstances. High-pressure steel wire braided hoses provide a reliable means of transportation.

3. Purchasing Guide

When selecting high-pressure steel wire braided steam hose, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Material: Select the appropriate inner rubber material according to the properties of the transmission medium to ensure good high temperature resistance and chemical stability.

2. Pressure level: Clarify the pressure requirements in the use environment, and select hoses that meet this pressure level or above to ensure safety.

3. Size and length: Select the appropriate hose diameter and length according to the actual installation space and requirements.

4. Certification standards: Check whether the product has passed relevant quality certifications, such as ISO and other international standards, to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.

4. Maintenance and maintenance

Correct maintenance of high-pressure steel wire braided steam hose can greatly extend its service life:

1. Check the appearance of the hose regularly and pay attention to whether there is aging, wear, etc.

2. Avoid scratches or heavy pressure on the hose by sharp objects.

3. When using at high temperatures, pay attention to heat insulation protection and avoid direct contact with heat sources.

4. Avoid excessive twisting during installation and ensure that the hose has a sufficient curve radius to avoid internal damage caused by excessive bending.

5. Conclusion

High-pressure steel wire braided steam hose plays an important role in many industries with its unique high temperature and high pressure resistance characteristics. Choosing the appropriate high-pressure steel wire rubber pipe can not only ensure the safety and efficiency of industrial production, but also save costs to a certain extent. Through the above introduction, we hope to help companies and individuals in need to make more informed choices.

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