Application areas of high-pressure hoses for coal shearers

Explore the high-pressure hose assembly: the strength a


Explore the high-pressure hose assembly: the strength and application of wire-wound hydraulic hoses for coal shearers and mines

In the field of mining machinery, a small but indispensable part, the high-pressure hose assembly, plays a vital role. Especially the steel wire-wound hydraulic hose used in coal mining machines. This specially designed oil pipe assembly not only ensures the efficient operation of the equipment, but also greatly improves the safety of the operation. The article will delve into the structure, characteristics, applications and purchasing suggestions of this key component. Let us start by understanding it and uncover its mystery.

Structure and characteristics of high-pressure hose assembly

High-pressure hose assembly, as the name suggests, is a pipeline assembly that can withstand high-pressure fluid transportation. It usually consists of three parts: inner rubber layer, reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The main function of the inner rubber layer is to isolate the conveying medium from the hose and prevent the medium from corroding the hose; the reinforcement layer is usually wrapped with high-strength steel wire, and its purpose is to provide sufficient strength to withstand high pressure; while the outer rubber layer protects the hose. The hose is not damaged by the external environment, such as friction, oxidation, etc.

For the high-pressure hose assembly used in coal shearers, its reliability in extreme environments also needs to be considered. Therefore, they are often made of special materials to ensure they can withstand high pressures, temperatures, oils and wear.

Application areas of high-pressure hoses for coal shearers

Wire wound hydraulic hoses are widely used in mining. On the one hand, they are an indispensable part of coal mining machinery, such as shearers, tunnel boring machines, coal plows, etc., which all need to use these high-pressure hoses to transmit power or liquid. On the other hand, they are also widely used in other equipment in mines, such as transfer pumps, hydraulic supports, etc. The hydraulic force they transmit through high-pressure hoses can achieve efficient work of the equipment.

Suggestions for purchasing high-pressure hose assemblies

When selecting a high-pressure hose assembly, it is important to consider whether the performance of the hose can meet the needs of the equipment. The following aspects require special attention when purchasing:

– Pressure level: Select the appropriate pressure level according to the working pressure of the equipment to ensure that the hose can work safely.

– Inner diameter and length: Appropriate inner diameter and length are critical to ensure efficient liquid delivery and hose installation.

– Material: Considering the working conditions of the shearer in harsh environments, it is very important to choose materials that are resistant to high temperatures, oil, and wear.

– Brand and quality: High-quality brands can often provide more reliable and stable product performance. Choosing high-pressure hose assemblies from well-known brands can reduce safety hazards to a certain extent.

The Importance of Maintenance and Maintenance

The maintenance and upkeep of the high-pressure hose assembly is also the key to ensuring its normal operation and extending its service life. Regularly check whether the hose is worn, cracked or hardened; avoid excessive bending or twisting of the hose, and avoid the impact and extrusion of the hose by external forces; when replacing or installing the hose, make sure it is clean to prevent dirt from entering the inside of the hose.


The steel wire wound hydraulic hose used in coal mining machines is the guarantee for the safe and efficient operation of the mining industry. From material selection, product application, to purchasing recommendations and maintenance knowledge, a thorough understanding and proper application of these high-pressure hose assemblies plays a decisive role in improving the stability and safety of mining production. As mining-related enterprises and engineering technicians, an in-depth understanding and correct selection of wire-wound hydraulic hoses will lay a solid foundation for efficient and safe mining production.

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