Flame retardant capability of industrial hoses

Oil-resistant, flame-retardant and high-temperature res


Oil-resistant, flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant cloth hose: an ideal choice for industrial applications

In modern industrial applications, the transportation of liquids and gases is an inevitable and important task, especially in petrochemical, automotive and other demanding environments, where the requirements for pipeline materials are extremely strict. Cloth-reinforced oil-resistant hoses are favored in many industries due to their excellent physical properties and chemical stability. Today we will discuss in detail the performance characteristics of cloth-reinforced oil-resistant hoses and their application benefits in high-temperature steam resistance and flame retardancy. Structure and material of cloth-reinforced hoses

Cloth-reinforced oil-resistant hoses usually use high-quality synthetic rubber as the inner and outer rubber layers, with a reinforcement layer in the middle. Commonly used materials for the reinforcement layer include cords, steel wires, etc., which can be wound or braided to increase the pressure bearing capacity and overall stability of the pipeline. This structural design effectively improves the pressure resistance of the hose and can maintain good flexibility and durability in various harsh working environments. Oil-resistant properties

The inner rubber layer of the cloth-reinforced oil-resistant hose uses a special oil-resistant synthetic rubber, which enables it to withstand the corrosion of various oil-containing and oily chemicals. This oil resistance is achieved by adding specific chemical components to the rubber formula, which can resist the erosion of petroleum-based liquids, thereby extending the service life of the hose. In the fields of refineries, chemical plants, and ship fuel transportation, oil-resistant hoses have shown their irreplaceable advantages.

Application of high-temperature steam resistance

High temperature resistance is another major feature of cloth-reinforced oil-resistant hoses. In high-temperature environments, ordinary hoses are prone to aging, deformation, and even melting. However, specially treated high-temperature hoses can withstand extremely high operating temperatures and meet the transmission needs of high-temperature steam. For example, in the wood processing industry, steel manufacturing, and other processes that require steam treatment, high-temperature hoses ensure safe and efficient production. These hoses can maintain stable physical properties under the influence of high-temperature steam for a long time, reducing maintenance frequency and replacement costs.

Flame retardant ability

Flame retardant properties are also a very important consideration in many industrial applications. In some environments, such as mines and machine rooms, there may be leakage of flammable gases or flammable liquids. Once conventional hoses catch fire, serious safety accidents may occur. Fabric-reinforced oil-resistant hoses are flame-retardant by adding flame retardants or using special rubber materials to effectively prevent the occurrence and spread of fires. The superior performance of these hoses in fire safety makes them very valuable in mining, shipbuilding and other industries that require strict fire prevention measures.

Comprehensive application

These characteristics of fabric-reinforced oil-resistant hoses make them widely used in many industrial fields. For example, in the automotive manufacturing industry, they are used as fuel pipes, engine coolant delivery pipes, etc.; in the aerospace field, they are used in hydraulic systems; in the civil engineering field, they are often used in water pumps and liquid delivery systems of various machines. Through reasonable selection and maintenance, fabric-reinforced oil-resistant hoses can provide long-term and reliable service and enhance the safety and stability of the system.

In summary, fabric-reinforced oil-resistant hoses have demonstrated their multi-faceted performance advantages in industrial applications. Whether in terms of oil resistance, high temperature resistance or flame retardancy, it can meet strict industry standards and safety requirements and is an ideal choice of industrial conveying materials. For industrial enterprises pursuing high efficiency and safe production, choosing high-quality oil-resistant hoses is a key step to improve productivity and ensure operational safety.

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