Wide adaptability of cloth-covered air hose

Special cloth-covered air hose: oil-resistant and water


Special cloth-covered air hose: oil-resistant and water-conveying solution in the field of construction machinery

In the application of modern construction machinery, efficient and safe liquid and gas delivery systems are crucial. Special cloth-clamped air hose has become the first choice in many heavy industrial fields due to its excellent performance and reliability. This kind of hose is usually used to transport compressed air, water, oil and other media, and is widely used in mining engineering, construction machinery, shipbuilding and other fields. This article aims to deeply explore the design characteristics, oil resistance performance, and application advantages of special cloth-covered air hoses in construction machinery, and provide a comprehensive understanding and evaluation.

1. The structure and material of the special cloth-covered air hose

The core advantage of the special cloth-clamped air hose lies in its complex and delicate structural design. Generally speaking, this kind of hose consists of three parts: inner rubber layer, reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer usually uses high-quality synthetic rubber, which has good air tightness and water tightness, and can effectively block the penetration of liquid and gas. The reinforcement layer is made of high-strength synthetic fibers or steel wires and is reinforced with cloth. This structure not only improves the pressure bearing capacity of the pipeline, but also enhances its overall tensile and kink resistance. The outer rubber layer also uses wear-resistant and anti-aging synthetic rubber to protect the hose from the external environment, such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, abrasion, etc.

2. The importance of oil resistance

In the field of construction machinery, hydraulic systems often need to transport oil-containing media. Therefore, oil resistance has become one of the important indicators for evaluating the quality of hoses. The inner rubber layer of the special cloth-covered air hose is designed with a special oil-resistant formula, which can effectively resist corrosion from various petroleum-based liquids and extend its service life. Compared with ordinary air hoses, this oil-resistant hose is more suitable for use in environments that require frequent contact with oil, such as mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and construction vehicles.

3. Advantages of application in construction machinery

Special cloth-covered air hoses are widely used in construction machinery, and their advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High durability: The reinforced fabric structure provides higher tensile strength and better torsion resistance, can withstand higher working pressure, and is suitable for complex engineering environments.

2. Excellent flexibility: Although the reinforcement layer makes the hose strong and durable, the special cloth-covered air hose still maintains good flexibility, making it easy to operate in small or complex spaces.

3. Wide adaptability: capable of transmitting a variety of media, including air, water and oily liquids, one tube has multiple uses and meets the needs of various working scenarios.

4. High and low temperature resistance: High-quality materials allow this hose to work in extreme temperature environments, maintaining stable performance from extreme cold to scorching heat.

4. Precautions for selection and maintenance

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable special cloth-covered air hose, such as working environment, media type, pressure level, etc. The correct choice can not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid safety accidents. At the same time, regular maintenance is also the key to ensuring the performance of the hose. Pay attention to regularly checking the wear and aging of the hose, and replace the damaged parts in time.


Special fabric air hose has an irreplaceable position in the field of construction machinery due to its excellent oil resistance, high durability and excellent adaptability. Proper selection and maintenance of this high-quality hose will greatly improve the efficiency and safety of mechanical equipment and provide strong support for the smooth progress of engineering projects.

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